Triple Treatment System™


Triple Treatment System™


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Product description

You want a simple and highly effective skincare routine, but can't seem to find one that works for you. The truth is you don't need an endless list of products for your skincare routine to be effective.

In fact, after sunscreen, you only need 3 categories of products in your skincare routine: a gentle cleanser, a daily moisturizer, and an effective skincare "treatment." With the Vegan Star Triple Treatment System you get the Cosmic Comet Cleanser™, Milky Moon Moisturizer™ and three treatments - Bright Star Booster™, Starlight Décolleté Serum™ & Radiant Retinol Serum™.

Take the 30 day Vegan Star Challenge™ - Use the Triple Treatment System™ as directed for 30 days to reset your skin and reveal your inner vegan beauty.

Morning Routine 

1 ~ Bright Star Booster™

2 ~ Milky Moon Moisturizer™

Evening Routine 

1 ~ Cosmic Comet Cleanser™

2 ~ Starlight Décolleté Serum™

3 ~ Radiant Retinol Serum™

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